How Acupuncture Medicine Works

Energy can become locked up from managing pain, fighting infection, blood stagnation and imbalance occurs and your immunity can be compromised. Acupuncture can be the key to unlocking blocked energy and/or blood flow by reducing pain, building immunity, balancing energy and return your body to its highest functioning state. Most commonly used for arthritis, back, joint pain, muscle strain, stress, detoxification, insomnia, respiratory, digestive, depression, musculoskeletal and reproductive issues. Acupuncture is shown to speed recovery time from surgery and illness and used for many other medical conditions. All needles are pre-sterilized, packaged, disposable and used only once per client.

Style of Acupuncture Used

The style I use is a very gentle yet extremely effective Japanese form known as Kiiko Matsumoto-style of acupuncture. I have found Kiiko’s style to be most effective at getting dramatic results in the least amount of time. Only very thin needles are used, much like a strand of hair and insertions are mostly superficial. You and I work as a team and through an initial examination, palpation and feedback to determine the best treatment prescription to use. I believe most clients want to learn how this medicine works and to see results.

I trained directly under Kiiko Matsumoto and am committed to getting results. Treatments focus on helping to build immunity, musculo-skeletal issues, headaches, systemic detoxification due to long-term use of prescription drugs, surgery the polluted environment or overeating, help restore balance to hormonal levels and blood pressure, help to reduce blood stagnation due to injury, surgery or scar tissue and alleviate stress and anxiety, among many conditions.

Some of the conditions I have successfully treated: acute upper back pain and spasm due to lifting heavy objects at work within 2 treatments, reduced headache pain at 80-100% in one session, reduced arthritic hand stiffness in one treatment, alleviated chronic lower back pain in one treatment restoring person to play tennis, reduced chronic severe shoulder and neck pain, reduced knee pain, regulated menses, urinary output and many more.

In general, acupuncture has shown effective results at relieving and reducing pain due to muscular tightness, back ache, tight neck and hips, correcting structural imbalances, increasing fertility, alleviating symptoms due to upper respiratory issues, headaches, depression and many other medical conditions.

Effective, gentle, holistic health care